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Egypt Tours & Travel is a tour operator with two U.S. offices and three international locations. We specialize in personalized service for each of our clients. Travelers are personally escorted by the most knowledgeable guides in each travel destination, many of whom hold advanced degrees in history or archaeology. This extraordinary level of quality assures unequalled access to a wealth of information. Unlike most organized Safety | Tour Packages, those provided by Egypt Tours & Travel seek to define the adventure experience not only by the traditional sights, but by creating travel packages to immerse you in the local culture.

Accommodations are the most luxurious in each locale. Properties abound with character, history, luxury, style and ambience. Many, like the Mena House Oberoi in Cairo, the Old Winter Palace in Luxor, the Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi, the up scale King David Hotel in Jerusalem, the Abbasi Hotel in Iran and the Dar Zamaria Hotel in Aleppo, Syria, have traditions steeped in the rich history of the ages. We also use some of the finest Nile cruise ships - the Philae, owned by the Oberoi Hotels, the Liberty ship (all cabins with balconies), the Diamond Boat and the Sun Goddess, the Nile Goddess and the newly commissioned Moon Goddess, operated by the Sonesta International. Red Sea vacations are also available upon request.

A chauffeured, air-conditioned private car awaits at the beginning of each day in destinations like Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey and Iran. Although your guide has an extensive itinerary of historical treks and cultural sites to visit, the Egypt Tours and Travel advantage is the opportunity to linger at leisure without rushing to follow either a large or a small group, giving you time for more exciting photographs. Want to see something not on the itinerary? Unscheduled stops are easily granted. Our private tours are also family friendly. Ask as many questions as you'd like - the experience is yours to savor.

As you begin to peruse our many luxury tour packages, please keep in mind that you may travel to a single country or combine destinations, like our combination tours covering Syria and Jordan , Egypt and Jordan, Egypt and Israel, Egypt and Greece, just to name a few. And, of course, when we say Egypt Tours is a unique Tour Operator, we mean it. If you don't see a tour package that meets your needs, please call us. We can create for you what will become an unforgettable travel adventure combined with the ultimate in luxury accommodations. Choose your date of departure and pack your bags!

Here is what Governor Edgar of the State of Illinois had to say about our service and his trip to Egypt:

We have many satisfied customers, some of which we have listed for you.

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